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Build Armor Tank Gatotkaca Mobile Legends

mapbussid.com - here's a build for an armor tank Gatotkaca in Mobile Legends:
  1. Warrior Boots: These boots provide extra physical defense and reduce the duration of crowd control effects.
  2. Cursed Helmet: This item provides magic resistance and deals area of effect magic damage to nearby enemies. It also helps clear minion waves faster.
  3. Dominance Ice: This item provides armor, mana, and cooldown reduction. Its passive ability slows down the attack speed of nearby enemies, making it great for team fights.
  4. Antique Cuirass: This item provides a large amount of armor and health. It also reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies, making it great for dueling.
  5. Blade Armor: This item provides even more armor and also reflects a percentage of incoming basic attack damage back to the attacker.
  6. Immortality: This item provides a second chance in team fights, reviving Gatotkaca with a percentage of his health and mana when he dies.
With this build, Gatotkaca will have a high amount of armor and magic resistance, making him very durable against physical and magic damage. His passive ability, Steel Bones, will also provide him with even more armor and magic resistance as his health decreases. This makes him a great frontline tank that can initiate fights and soak up damage for his team.