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Harley Build Full Physical Damage Mobile Legends

 Build a Harley hero in Mobile Legends with a focus on full physical damage can be very effective in dealing massive damage to enemy heroes. Here's a build that you can try:

  1. Swift Boots: This item provides attack speed and movement speed which is essential for Harley as he needs to move quickly to avoid enemy attacks and deal damage.
  2. Endless Battle: This item provides a bonus true damage to your basic attack and gives you extra damage after using a skill, making it a great choice for Harley's kit which relies on basic attacks and skills to deal damage.
  3. Blade of Despair: This item increases your physical attack and provides a huge boost in damage when the enemy's health is low. This can help Harley finish off enemies quickly and efficiently.
  4. Hunter Strike: This item provides physical damage and cooldown reduction which is useful for Harley as he can use his skills more often and deal more damage.
  5. Bloodlust Axe: This item provides physical damage and spell vamp, which allows Harley to regain health when he uses his skills to deal damage to enemies.
  6. Immortality: This item provides additional physical defense and can revive you after being killed, allowing you to stay in the fight longer.

Note: You can also consider replacing Bloodlust Axe with Malefic Roar if you're up against a team with a lot of tanks or fighters with high physical defense.

This build focuses on Harley's strengths as a hero and can deal massive amounts of physical damage while still providing some survivability. Remember to play smart and use your skills at the right time to maximize your damage output.